"Hi There,
we went on the Royal Caribbean Cruise on the Freedom of the Seas last September 2007 and the bed was the most comfortable bed I ever slept in. I contacted RCCL to inquire on what kind of mattress it was and they sent me to you.    

My husband and I recently went on a cruise on the NCL Jewel and had a chance to try the "Bliss Bed".
It was by far the best mattress that my husband and I had ever slept on. We have been on RCCl, Princess, Celebrity etc, but never have had such an amazingly confortable mattress. It really made our cruise extra special.
I understand that your company is the supplier for this bed for the U.S
Please let me know how much a Queen or King size would be shipped to ZIP code 30339. I have my heart set on sleeping on one of these beds at home!"

     I am looking for mattresses, where can I see all you have for sale??
I tried "Bliss Bed" by NCl.......and it was fantastic, do you have it available?
                                                                             Please let me know

                                                                             E.AG. Interior Design"

Good Morning,
I recently went on a cruise and noticed a big difference in the way I slept. It was the bed and mattress (Royal Caribbean - Brillance of the Seas). Could you please tell me what the complete package (mattresses, bedssprings and accessories, etc.) of this bed? Does this come in queen size?
                                                                                      Thank you.

I was recently on Norwegian Cruise within Haawaii-Ship is the Pride of America.
I noticed that the beds were extremely comfortable and looked to see and saw Matermoll on the mattress topper.
i would like to order the Bliss Bed. Please advise me as to how to do this and the cost for a King Size Bed Bliss Bed mattress topper.
Thank you very much.


hi, i recently went on a ncl cruise and loved the bliss mattress. Can i order it from you with the bed base too and what would be the cost to ship to Scotland


Mrs. Miriam Robert and family.

I understand you provide the above to the Regent fleet of ships - they are wonderfull! Are you able to give me more information regarding them and also whether I can get them in the U.K. Please?

                                                                                            G. Tyndall

hi - i recently went on a cruise on the cruise ship queen victoria - cunard line and slept so well i checked the make of the mattress and wrote it down! it was matermoll. is there any way the public can buy the same type of mattress and if so what a 5 or 6 ft mattress cost? looking forward to hearing from you. 


Dear Sir or Madam,

I have suffered from a bad back for many years and recently had to undergo spinal surgery. Despite this I still suffered frequently form back ache.
However, I have just returned from a 2 week cruise onboard the Cunard ship 'Queen Victoria' at the end of which my back ache had dissapeared!
I can only put this down to the quality of the mattress that I was sleeping on and therefore decided that I need to buy one; the label on the mattress said it was a Matermoll Lux Mattress Pax (all grades), size 85 cm x 195 cm and had the code Med 493205CS.

Can you please tell me where I can buy this type of mattress and how much it will cost (I need to buy a total of 2 mattresses of this size)?

Yours faithfully,

                                                                                             Mr S J Pidgeon

We have just returned from a cruise with Oceania on Marina, the beds were very comfortable and had the name Prestige Tranquility Bed on the mattress. Is it possible to obtain these mattresses in the U.K or do you ship form Italy?

Thank You,

                                                                                               T. Gillet

Dear Matermoll,

I've just returned form 2 weeks in the Caribbean with Princess Cruises. I have had 2 weeks of the most comfortable bed ever in one of the mini suites on board Sea Princess.
I would love to know if its possible to buy this product in the UK and if so where I could go about it. I know my parents who were also with us also interested - you really do have a wonderfull product.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Kind Regards,

                                                                                             S. Leatherdale

We live in Boulder Colorado and are frequest travelers on Regent Crusie Ships. Because of what we have increasigly appreciate the mattress thety use. On inquiry they describe it as a "Slumber Bed". Can you tell me if what mattress is available on a retail basis and if so do you have a distributor in the Denver area. 
Looking forward to your reply........


                                                                                                R. Eddy

Hi do you ship to Australia? if so how do I order on the web site
If not wher ein Australia can you buy?


When on our cruise ship this past March break, I had a good night sleep each day and forgot to ask what type/brand of mattress we had on the Liberty of the Seas. We stayed in cabin 6535

                                                                                              Diane Caesar


I am from Canada.
I like the Pillow.
Especially after they have beed washed.

Can I buy a few, I am an insomniac and they have worked well for me.
It is urgent for me, that I have a few.

Look forward to your reply.

Thank You

                                                                                              Rasha Cole

Do you sell the comforters tha tare used on Norwegian Cruise ships? They appear to be light weight down of some sort. If you do how much are they?

Thank You

                                                                                                Kathy Kivi

Could you tell me waht mattress was used on the Oceania Marina? It was very comfortable.


                                                                                             Marj Ducharme

I have just returned form a Regent cruise from Ft Laurendale, FL and was so impressed with comfort of your mattress that I searched to find its origin on the mattress itself. I am wrinting to ask if there are any distributors in the U.S, more specifically, the Northeast US, where I could purchase a full (double) sized mattress for my platform bed. Thank you for your help.

                                                                                                  J. Dolan


I get the same mattress that you sold the cruise ship Adventure of the Seas of Royal Caribbean, because I really liked the comfot. Is it possible because I live in Montreal, Canada? If so, I would like to know the price and brand among your choices.

Thank You,

                                                                                                 S. Vallerand

Dear Sirs,
we have been on teh NCL Ship "Norwegian Pride" and in our family Penthouse Suite the King Size Bed was furnished with your mattress called the "Bliss Bed" We slept extremely well and would like to buy this mattress for our home in Hamburg. Can you provide us with Company name who is selling these mattresses in Germany / Hamburg or are you sending them to European countries?
We would like to thank you in advance for your reply.

Best Regards,               

                                                                                                 M. Marbach

We were on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line "Vision of the Seas" in August and like the matermoll mattress. Can you tell me which product line you supply to them and the pricing for purchase? We would be interested in queen size.

Cathy Diegel Paxton
Travel Agent
Majest interantional

I am emailing from Northern Ireland and I was recently on the Adventure of Seas Cruise Ship belonging to Royal Caribbean. I got your name from the mattress I slept and really enjoyed my night sleep. I have an injury on my back and would really like to find out what mattress you supplied to this ship and how I could purchase one.
Please contact me back - this is second email I have sent

                                                                                      Many thanks
                                                                                      Sinead Mckeever

I was a passegner on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship called "Liberty of the Seas" in August of this year. I would like to purchase the exact same mattress that was in our stateroom (6th floor). Bonnie boys of Royal Caribbean tells me that you are the manufacturer. Can this mattress be bought in the United States preferably in New York?
Thanks in advance for a response.
                                                                                            Jerome Kirsch

Please inform us : 1 which model of mattress you supplied to Cunard "Quenn Victoria" Lux Mattress PAX (all grades)
2. the price for 2 x single @ 760mm wide each
3. who is your stockis in the UK

Thank you                                                                                   David Fryer

We have been on a cruise lately on the Norwegian Gem and we are interested in purchasing mattresses like the ones used in the cabins of this cruise liner, which were called Bliss Bed, manufaturing by your good selves. I went into your website and found out that you have different types for sale. Can you please let me know which section of the mattresses I should look into, to assure myself that is is the ones used in the cabins of the cruise liner. Was it Orthopaedic or Relax etc.. If you can help me I would be interested to receive further information.

Please note that you can reply on this address or on my home address as follows:

Thanks and Regards,
Phylis Micallef

Dear Sir/Madam
I recently had the pleasure of sleeping on one of your beds, shich was extremely comfortable. I live in London and wonder whether I can purchase one of your mattresses here?
I look forward to hearing from you.

                                                                                         Ros Blechner

Good Afternoon John,
Further to our telephone conversation I have mandaged to carry out some research into the manufacturer of the mattress you will have used on your recent cruise on Arcadia.
The manufacturer is a company called "Matermoll" who are based in Italy. They do not have a base in the U.K however I do know they sell to the public. Their detaisl are as per below:

Matermoll SRL
Via Sorelle 17B
SAV 16010                          

                                                                          Best Regards 
                                                                                   Fiona  Hann Furnishing  Superintendent

i recently came across a coat(thin mattress) on top of a mattress on the boat Norwegian Jewel with the details:
TYPE: Mattress pad w/insert
P. ORDER 21-15633
I am located in Greece and interested in purchasing one or more for double bed(s) Can i buy from you or do you have any details of a reseller in Greece?
Also do you have any prospectus with more details about the mattress pad send to me with price details as well?
My address is: 3 b Achileos str.
Agia Parasekvi
Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
                                                                                             Thanks a lot
                                                                                              Best Regards

                                                                                          Georgia Giannioti


A passenger has had back pains for years and slept well and woke up with out pain for the first time in the last 6 years after sleeping on your mattress.
As a result they were wondering if they could possibily purchase one,

                                                                                     Kind regards
                                                                                     Jennifer Lee
                                                                                     Customer Relations
                                                                                     Carnival Australia


My mother and I have just returned from a Cruise on the ship Queen Victoria, where we slept on Matermoll mattresees. They were very very comfortable that we would like to buy 2 mattresses for our home in the U.K. We would like to buy exactyl the same type of mattress that we slpet on, although we need a different size. The size we nedd is 138 x 195 (which is a standard double sozed mattress in the UK)
We hope that we will able to buy 2 of these mattresses form you, and we would be greatfull if you could give us more information about how we can do this.

                                                                                           Deena Singer

Dear Sir / Madam:

I am interested in indentifying a particular mattress that you manufacture. Last year 2007, I took a cruise on the ship, Adventure of the Seas, in the Royal Caribbean cruise line. The mattress in the state room was extremely comfortable. The Royal Caribbean customer service departement informs ma that your company manufactured the mattress on that ship.

Is there a way you could indentify which type of mattress you provided for the Adventiure of the Seas, and weather I might purchase the same type individually?

thank you for your assistance,

K. G
Associate professor of English


I recently took a cruise on Royal Caribbean and had to call them about how wonderful the beds were. They gave me your name and email address to further inquire about availability here in Canada. I am hoping that you can help me for it the best weeks sleep I have had in years!
I look forward to hearing from you,
Thank you,

Recently we were on the Grand Princess Cruiseship and we like your Matermoll mattress. The label states "Admiral Mattress" PO SAPG0221 SHIP GRAND PRINCESS SIZE CM 85x195, IMO RES. A. 688(17)
Can we find your Matermoll mattres in LOSA ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A?
Thank you and anticipating a reply.
Ed Sadin

Hi, I had the pleasure of cruising with NCL recently on the Norwegian Jade. I must say that the bedding was just superb, the best I've ever slept in. I would like to order the same bedding. I have Kingsize waterbed.
Can you please explain what I need and give me a quotation. Thank you for 7 nights excellent sleep and your attention in this matter.
Ian Birkett

Dear Sirs,
I have just returned from a cruise on board Splendour of the Seas, from Royal Caribbean. The 2 mattresses together were wonderful and also the piece that covers both of them, very confortable. I don't know the name of it and by cnsulting your site I still did not figure out the name.
Do you understand exactly what I am talking about?
The reference on the tag was:
Pillow Top, size MM 820x1980 - Lotto 1
n 04567
Do you ship these items abroad?
I am writing from Lisbon, Portugal.
Is there any company in Portugal which sells your products?
I would like to buy one of those covers, will it possible?
Are there other sizes?

thank you for your answer.

Sincerily yours
Ma Carla Melo

My husband and I recently went on a cruise on the NCL Jewel and had a chance to try the BLISS BED'. It is far the BEST mattress that my husband and I EVER slept on. We have been on RCL, Princess, Celebrity, etc but NEVER have had such an amazigly comfortable mattress. It really made our cruise extra special.
I understand that your company is the supplier for these beds for the US. Please let me know how much a Queen or King would be shipped to zip code 30339. i have heart set on sleeping on on of these beds at home!
Diane Suway

Hello:  I am looking for mattresses, where can I see all you have for the sale??
I tried "BLISS BED" by NCL.........and it was fantastic, do you have it available?

Please let me know.
Estela A Garcia
Interior Design

To Whom it May Concern,

I was recently concacted by a guest who sailed on the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas, who was very impressed with the quality of the mattress in her stateroom. I have been advised that your company, Matermoll was the supplier of the mattress on that ship. Would you able to tell me if your mattresses are available for retail purchase in the United States? If so, do you have the name of any selllers in the area of Raleigh, North Carolina?

I appreciate any assistance you are able to provide. Thank You.


                                                                        Shawn Eckman
                                                                        Corporate Guest Relations  
                                                                        Trade Support & Services
                                                                        Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD.


I was in royal Caribbean's "Voyager of the Seas" cruise ship last week. I stayed at suite #1556. I was given the information that the mattress used in the ship are your products. I normally have a terrible backache when I wake out of my regular bed in the morning. But during my stay in the cruise ship, I did not have that backache and had a very pleasant sleep. i would appreciate if you could give me the information about what is the model of those mattresses. Also, I want to ask how can I find your products in  Turkey.

Is the Bliss Bed Mattress available for retail purchase in  the USA? We just returned from a cruise on NCL and the bed was so comfortable, we would like to purchase the same mattress including the pillow top pad.
Thank you for any information you can give me.

Larry lagier

We just returned from a cruise aboard the Ruby Princess and LOVED the pillows. I wrote down this website from them and would like to order 6 pillows or more if possible. How much do they cost and do we need to purchase in bulk? I can make a bulk order if necessary. Will thay come from Italy? What is your shipping charge?
Thankk you.


We slept on one of your mattress when we made a cruise with the Norwegian Cruise lines and would buy one of your matrasses.
Do you have a sales representative in Holland?
Aike Hilvers

I was re cently on a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise within Hawaii- the ship is the Pride of America.
I noticed that the beds were extremely comfortable and looked to see and saw Matermoll on the Mattress topper. I would like to order the Bliss bed.
Please advise me as to how to do this and the cost for a King Size Bliss Bed mattress topper. Thank you very much.

                                                                                     Carole Morris

Good Morning

I need some assistance if possible.
We are trying to assist the NCL vessel, Nowegian Jawel, in locating mattresses thay have in the Courtyard Villa Suites.
They are queen size foam mattresses and have your name but not the model / type.
The Norwegian Jewel was built at Meyer Werft in Germay in 2005.
Do yuo have a distributor in the US that would have these in stock?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,
Anthony Tarracino
Sales Manager

Dear Sir or Madam:

My husban and I took a cruise in December on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship, "Liberty of the Seas". The mattress in our stateroom was comfortable, to say the least. We woke up each morning rested and without any back pain. I contacted the cruise line, and they informed us that they purchaed their mattreses from your company. We are interested in possibly purchasing their mattresses from your company. We are interested in possibly purhasing the same type of mattress, except in a king size, and were wondering what the cost might be and where one might be purchased in the United States.
 We thank you in advance for your anticipated assistance in this matter and eagerly await your response.

                                                                        Debbie and daniel Zielinsky

We rently were on a cruise on the NCL Dawn and noticed how comfortable the bed was. We believe it was two twin size beds and covered with two layers of mattress pads and foam.
We are interesed in information on purchasing this type of mattress pad system for our home. Please advise where we can find additional information for the purchase of this product. We are located in Wichita, Kansas, USA. thank you.

Mike Katzenmeier

I am interested in your mattress. We just came from a Royal caribbean Cruise in the Legends of the Seas, and we loved the mattress. I do not know the type or name, but maybe you could find out, I called RCC and thety sent me to you.

                                                                                 Suzel Alcazar Ochoa
                                                                                 Finance Department

Dear Massimo,
I recently wrote to Royal Caribbean telling them how much I and my wife enjoyed sleeping on the ship's mattresses. We slept so very well I asked them who provided the ship's mattresses and was provided your name at Matermoll.
The mattress we slept on was king sized (actually two twin beds stuck go together) with a foam egg crate topper. The combination of the firm mattresses with the egg crate topper was absolutely perfect for us.
Since we did sleep so well, I was wondering if you could tell me about the mattress and the egg crate topper used by Royal Caribbean, let me know if they are available in the USA, and if not, if your ship overseas to the USA and of course the prices of the mattresses (king sozed) topper, and shipping with a total cost figure.
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.
Looking forward to hearing from you. You can reach me by emailing to the following address:

Scott Watson
Brandon, Mississippi, USA

Adventure of the Seas
When entering on the left is a mirrored wall and shelf and three wardrobes: one has shelves and the other two have hangers and more shelves. Now, we come to the good part, RCL is in the process of upgrading all the beds to those similar to the Freedom's : Wonderfully firm mattresses, double mattress pads and new white duvets! Excellent

Austin Kearney

We are interested in information for securing a Prestige Tranqulity Bed.
Like we slept on during our cruise on Oceania Crises this summer,
The best nine nights sleep ever.

Please advise the cost of a king size Prestige Tranqulity Bed, shipping and delivery etc.
Do you have a southern California outlet?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Anderson


I have a question; i am a customer from the Netherlands (Holland) and just came back from my vacation on Oceania Cruises where i slept deliciously on the bedding of Matermoll. I asked Oceania Cruises to give me the company details so that is why im sending you this email.
Is it correct you delivered all the best for the cruise Oceanai Cruises? And of so, is it also possible to order the exact same bed as on Oceania cruises and ship it to Holland - Netherlans? and can you give me some prices?

Thank you
Best Regards,


We just completed a cruise on MS Nautica Curise ID: NAU130827 - Booking # 168728 Sai Date: 27 - Aug - 2013 (London - Barcelone)
We were in Vista SUite 7004
I want to purchase the pillow that was on the bed. Was it the goose down or memory foam pillow?.

Thank you for any help you can give me in this matter.

Judith & Michael Belloli






We understand that your company supplies the mattresses used by Oceania Cruise Lines on their new ships like the Marina. We had our best sleeps ever while on board and would like to have the same comfort at home.

The cruise line calls the matrress the "Prestige Tranquility". Do you sell this model to the public?

We liv eon Canada.

Thanks very much.

Jeff Bowlsby
Vancouver, Cananda

Hello == We have just returned from a cruise on the Oceania Marina, and loved the Prestige Tranquility Bed. The concierge gave me your website.
We would like to inquiry about the possibility of ordering a bed like that for our home.
We live in Washington, DC, and would need a queen size bed. Please send me any information, along with a price.

Thank you so much,

Leslie Scallet Lieberman


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