Since 1950
Matermoll has been manufacturing spring
foam mattresses and accessories in Italy using new materials and construction technologies Matermoll Factoryto meet high quality standards for specific customer demands. We remain committed to producing our sleeping products to the highest of qualities in order to meet our clients' expectations for

 Hotels, Cruise ship lines and Homes around the world.

We remain committed to excellence in mattress comfort and hygiene, always true to old fashioned manufacturing know-how. Our products are certified for the federal flammability open flame standards and we purchase raw materials from reliable and verified sources as we do not work directly nor indirectly with vendors that employ underaged workers. All Matermoll mattresses are manufactured with a 20 year Limited Certificate of Warranty.


Matermoll over the years has always stayed true to its artisan roots. Family is part the production process; the same owners have directed and managed the factories for more than half a century and they believe that experience and knowledge are the ingredients for a better product.
In Italy around the hills of Genova and Salerno our factories produce, (with rigid quality control standards to guarantee the final user, YOU) the best physical awakening. Research for the best fabric from Como and refined Florentine cotton gives our customers unique products that can last a lifetime: once with Matermoll always with Matermoll.

After years of experience in exporting our products to U.S.A, Canada, Japan, Russia, France we have achieved the versatility necessary to furnish our products to established names in the Cruise Ship & Hotel Industry.

Create your own sleeping method with various Matermoll Pillow Tops & Mattress pads: there is one for everybody!

Remember, we spend a third of our lives on mattresses, sleep is life as life is health.



Founded in Milan in 1995, Albatros Group specializes in Amenities set sector, gaining a remarkable experience and achieving ambitious objectives: it has enabled our team to become a leading player in this arena developing our own identity.

The ability to interact with customers’ needs has constantly encouraged a continuing evolution of our own resources: by now we are proud to meet internationally the demands of hotels, cruise lines, hospital and health sector through the dynamism of our  production , distribution and global sourcing.
Obviously we modulate our services depending on the customer, diversifying by Europe, Asia and Usa, with  the only purpose to provide service levels of excellence in the international scenario.

Our courtesy set lines are designed and manufactured with the assistance of our internal skilled teams of graphic designers and production staff.
We are able to offer a high available and flexible solution to a constantly evolving market , through a client- oriented service during the entire production chain – from conception to delivery of goods.

Our group offers courtesy  sets market-oriented, increasingly innovative and competitive: for each product line, a complete range of cosmetics is designed with gentle and rich formulations that are kinder to the environment.
We actively engage in promoting natural and advanced formulas and environmentally friendly packaging with the utmost respect of Nature.



From the processing of top- quality cotton Emmebiesse’ s products take life. They combine elegant and exclusive design with quality and durability. Fifty years of meticulous work, together with the continuous and dedicated growth, always kept in line with the times and with market’s demands, permitted us to achieve high productive standards and constant quality control on each and every productive stage. Emmebiesse is an international company but its core is entirely Made in Italy. The two main plants are located in Casale Monferrato. They are the linchpin of our business. Our overseas facilities are equipped with the most modern Italian manufacture systems and the manpower is highly qualified to grant top-level quality and safety standards. Emmebiesse is highly specialized in textiles designed for cruise lines and hospitality industry as well as in the lingerie branch and in promotional items. Over the years, this peculiarity enabled us to work with prestigious hotels and cruise companies both national and international, many important industrial laundries, luxury boutiques and advertising companies. Emmebiesse is synonymous with elegance, quality and reliability.

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