Category: Pillows

Feather GABARDINE Down Cotton Pillow 46 oz
Get a restful night sleep with this Feather GABARDINE Pillow 

Price: $159.00
Down Grade A Feather Pillow 42 oz
Wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed with 100% Italian feather pillows

Price: $82.00
Water-Gel® Pillow 122 oz
New patented Water based foam Gel ensuring highest adherence to head and neck

Price: $109.00
Supreme High Density Memory Pillow 42 oz
Slow-rise memory pillow, comfortable and fluffy, adjusts to your neck and head movements, allows muscles to relax, puts you sleep with ease, firm feel

Price: $82.00
SeaCell™ Natural Seaweed Fiber Pillow 28 oz
Enjoy 28 ounces of ocean nature on your skin, SeaCell® natural fiber pillow made with seaweed extracts, cuddly and soft feel

Price: $99.00
Soft-Air 3-Dimensional Pillow 28 oz
Air circulation technology combined with cooling Air-Flow, anti-perspiration properties, very soft ultra-light feel

Price: $62.00
Multi-Function Pillow 35 oz
Three different feels combined in one pillow ideal for reading, laying and sleeping, soft, medium and firm

Price: $52.00
Perfect CLIMAX Pillow 32 oz
For all environments, warm or cold, soft fiber with transpirant egyptian cotton, soft-plush feel

Price: $82.00
Dreamy Pillow 42 oz
The every-day pillow perfect for reading, sleeping and playing, medium plus feel

Price: $42.00
Sweet Wave Dream Pillow
Engeneered to ensure maximum sleep Comfort Helps alleviate neck ackes

Price: $22.00

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